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Borrow EURO3 using your collaterals:

• Overcollateralized

• Fully Decentralized

EURO3's risk model stands out as one of the strongest in the space,
providing unparalleled protection against DeFi's market volatility and liquidation risks

EURO3 stability

EURO3 is soft pegged to EURO. If the price falls, people buy it to pay back loans, while they borrow more when the price rises. Issuance fees, redemption mechanism and market arbitrage contribute to maintain the peg

100% Interest Free

Your loan is interest free! No 3rd party is involved lending out liquidity or earning interest. Enjoy on-demand liquidity at your fingertips.

Over Collateralized

3A DAO's data-driven Risk Model approves whitelisted assets with collateral ratios ranging from 110% to 500%. To borrow 1 EURO3 using a highly risky collateral, you need to deposit 5 times the value






Scott Carlson

NSA, PayPal, Kudelski Security, Baanx & FYEO





3A Innovative Capabilities


A3A token holders can stake them to receive discounts on the past and future fees charged by the protocol and to repay their EURO3 loans. Cashback cannot be obtained without using the platform


Tokenized real-world asset will require liquidity and a means to generate sustainable yields. At 3A, our data-driven risk model allows us to whitelist a broad range of assets


The Premium Bot in 3A DAO simplifies user experience without altering protocol usage. Arbitrage, trove optimization, and liquidation bots assist users throughout their journey on the platform.



A great team is the cornerstone of success, where individual talents harmoniously combine to achieve remarkable results.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, EURO3 is an over-collateralized, permissionless coin backed by on-chain collateral. The collateral assets are locked up in vaults by users who mint EURO3 loans.
The maximum value of EURO3 in circulation is always determined by the value of assets in vaults, not by an arbitrary algorithm.
3A DAO works with a number of cybersecurity experts and providers to makes sue the protocol is secure:
  • The smart contracts have been audited
  • All on-chain activity is being monitored by AI and all potentially malicious activities are flagged. If this happens, safety protocols are automatically initiated.
  • The protocol has several safety features on the smart-contract level that can prevent malicious transactions
  • The protocol uses the best in class price oracles solutions
3A utilizes external collateral for EURO3, anchoring its value in independent assets with their own market value. The A3A utility token is not used as collateral.

Under normal market conditions, EURO3 will be always over-collateralized, which means there is always more than 1 EURO worth of collateral in the vaults for every 1 EURO3 in circulation.

This is why vault owners have incentives to buy EURO3 if its price is under 1 EURO to repay loans and mint more EURO3 to sell it, if the price is over 1 EURO.

Additionally, the protocol is designed to autonomously recover from cataclysmic market events. Even if all collateral in Vaults loses 99% of its value and EURO3 deviates from its peg, the redemption mechanism enables recovery.
EURO3 is obviously needed. Without an over-collateralized, non-custodial stable coin there is no 3A platform. Relying on external sources of liquidity and capital, for example using a fiat-backed stablecoin, would mean that the platform has to charge recurring interest and is dependent on 3rd parties who provide capital, so it’s not permissionless or non-custodial anymore.

A3A is needed to provide customizable, permissionless access to the 3a platform for both end users and projects who want to whitelist their tokens and be a part of the 3A DAO. Additionally, A3A is used to facilitate adoption and orchestrate incentives in the ecosystem.

Without A3A there can be no 3A DAO, that is operating not for profit. Instead, there would have to exist a for-profit web2-style corporate entity that would maximize value extraction from the platform and the ecosystem.
The backbone of the 3A platform is its non-custodial, over-collagenized stablecoin pegged 1:1 to Euro (EURO3). In contrast with other stablecoins, EURO3 is backed by a basket of on-chain digital assets that distributes the collateral risk and allows broader accessibility to DeFi protocols and real-world financial products.

Lending: 3A allows users to access the liquidity of their assets without selling them. Users may deposit their crypto-assets, (for example $ETH) as collateral to a smart contract called Vaults to mint and withdraw EURO3 stablecoin.

Stability Pool: The Stability Pool is the EURO3 liquidity of the protocol that acts as the first line of defense to maintain system solvency by paying off the debt of the liquidated Vaults. The Stability Pool is funded by EURO3 holders who deposit their stablecoins into the Stability Pool to make gains from liquidations, EURO3 arbitrage and earn 3ADAO rewards in A3A tokens

Debt Liquidations: Existing asset-based lending platforms use auctions or discounted sell-offs for liquidations, causing delays and suboptimal prices. In contrast, 3A platform automatically liquidates undercollateralized Vaults without the need for buyers or bidders. Liquidated borrowers retain EURO3, and collateral is distributed to the Stability Pool or other Vaults with the same collateral if Pool liquidity is insufficient.
Zero Interest Rate Lending Protocol for crypto
and on-chain RWA safeguarded by
Enterprise-Grade Security
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